My Canadian Pharmacy – What are we?

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online store widely recognized worldwide, thanks to established over the years reputation, and oriented on providing its customers with:

  • high-quality medications;
  • affordable price policy;
  • professionally organized service;
  • availability;
  • discount and bonus systems;
  • assured privacy policy;
  • wide range of products.

My Canadian Pharmacy carries out its activity online to propose customers from all over the world a possibility to buy drugs produced by various pharmaceutical facilities in various countries worldwide. We take all efforts to satisfy customers demands, hence we are working 24/7, our drugs are of high quality and prices are available even for customers with almost low income. We desire to be capable to supply medications and other required goods for all possible diseases treatment but we mainly specialize in erectile dysfunction treatment.

It is presumable to purchase required medications over the counter. My Canadian Pharmacy can assist you with recommendations about how and when to apply each product. Our qualified staff is ready to carry out consultation about drugs and their intake instructions at any time you have desire.

If you have questions on how to arrange orders or use My Canadian Pharmacy medications, our support group is delighted to give responses them by means of our e-mail – support@mycanadianpharmacyteam.com.

Performance Process

My Canadian Pharmacy dedicated its existence to providing access to online pharmacy to all people from all over the world. We don’t create any exceptions so you can arrange orders following to step-by-step instruction. Confirmation letter will clear out that your order is boxed and brought to you as fast as possible. Our online ordering system let’s easy and fast orders without overpaying to third parties as we collaborate directly with drug manufacturers. We take use of two delivery systems: Express Courier delivery via USPS and Regular Airmail delivery. The order delivery time is from eight to twenty one days. Besides, in case any questions relating to parcel delivery arise send us e-mail and we will supply you with correct information.

We cooperate with each client particularly because your health is the most significant item for us. We attempt to satisfy all our clients’ need and make them satisfied with our capacity. Your queries may be various but they all are carried out by our professional staff. My Canadian Pharmacy is rightfully claimed the best online pharmacy service, because we not only go all out to enhance clients’ quality of life, but also supply quality medical assistance and consultations. You can search any required goods for health maintenance on our website.

My Canadian Pharmacy Generics

My Canadian Pharmacy has particularly specification in generic drugs. What are generics? These are drugs with proved pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to original drugs. It implies that they are comprised of the same active components, dosage and effectiveness as original drugs, but at the same time do not come with patent protection. They may be different from original medication in constituent structure. They have been introduced to pharmaceutical market after patent protection for original preparation is not actual any more. «Generic» is the most recognized nowadays. The significant requirement for generics’ sale is proved therapeutic, pharmaceutical and biological equivalence to original drugs. My Canadian Pharmacy produces its generic drugs following all certificate standards.

One of the the most uncommon generics benefits is their low price which arranges them accessible for clients with various profit. Generics may cause the same effect as originals because they are comprised of the same active components. My Canadian Pharmacy is confirmed to be the best generic meds provider but these meds are also produced of best quality. They are specialized to be harmless for people not capable to be treated with high-quality original preparations. We are hopeful to satisfy all your demands and keep you healthy without emptying your pockets.