How to Become Slim Fast

Posted on May 11, 2017

Now it’s fashionable to be slim. Modern ladies strives to be slim. Diets and dietary supplements are popular, which effectiveness is still questionable. For those who decided to lose weight, it is important to decide how to lose weight very quickly?

It is believed that having kept a diet, you will become slimmer forever and this is the most important. Given the research of scientists, rapid weight loss occurs due to the withdrawal of water from the body and when returning to the usual schedule of food intake, the kilograms again arrive. If for a couple of weeks to exclude a favorite product from the diet, for example, mayonnaise, there will be a result.

Nutritionists advise, responding to the popular question “how to lose weight very quickly,” to give up fast carbohydrates. They include:

  • bread;
  • products containing sugar.

They saturate body quickly, but just as quickly the sense of saturation passes. A large amount of sugar harms not only the figure and the goal of quickly losing weight, but is also dangerous for health. High blood sugar can cause diabetes or cancer.How to Become Thin

Long carbohydrates help lose weight quickly supporting body for a long time and feeling of hunger appears later. Long carbohydrates are present in croup, the record holder is oatmeal. Bread may be substituted for crispbreads. It is clear that a quick way to lose weight does not involve a lot of eating of these products.

Reduce the amount of salt. Each time salt a meal a little less than usual. Excess weight often appears due to fluid retention in body. And food, excessively salty, causes appetite, provoking to eat more.

In the struggle to quickly lose weight, be sure to pay attention to animal fats. Replace butter, margarine and lard on vegetable, preferably olive oil. And to maintain the necessary protein, eat fatty fish instead of fatty meat, chicken, eggs.


Many diets claim that a quick way to lose weight is not eat after 6 pm. But it’s not right. For the human body, such selective starvation is not natural. It is known that any living creature in a stressful situation tends to accumulate energy for future periods. The body will not burn more calories, it will try to keep them, stretch for a longer period. Doing sports in a state of hunger is not possible, too much fatigue.

Doctors unanimously repeat that it is necessary to eat with small intervals and small portions – no more than 200 mg. In the evening, contrary to the well-known belief, one should not eat fruit, it is better to eat vegetables. You can in pure form or salad with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Drink more water. If the feeling of hunger in the evening played out, help low-fat yogurt, eat a little cottage cheese.


Now biologically active additives are wide spread. Advertising is full of slogans about fast ways to lose weight with pills. People who are desperate to lose weight, eat dietary supplements. It is proved that there is no benefit from them, on the contrary, many of them cause deplorable consequences, drying up the body, depriving it of the necessary liquid, causing dehydration.

Physical Exercises

Regular physical exertion is useful for any organism, especially for a person who is overweight. It is important to find the right approach. You can not train only the press to remove the fat on your stomach. As a result, you will receive a belly that has increased in volume. Of course, the muscles will grow, become elastic, but the fat itself will not go anywhere. Any exercise should be combined with proper diet and daily regimen. The organism needs to have rest. Physical loads should be in moderation, regularity and correct distribution to all parts of the body. Take yourself for the habit of doing exercises every day and see the result!